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WristTweet for Twitter 2.0

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WristTweet for Twitter 2.0

Do you want to post important tweet when you are in important meeting, work or party.. just from your Watch?
Here is the best solution for you. Now make tweet just from your watch, no need to open phone app every time. It will save time, tweeting from watch makes you feel classy.

How to setup :
1. Launch App in your phone
2. Login in using your twitter account.
3. After successful login, App will show your twitter timelineĀ 
4. Open App in Watch
5. Press tweet button.
6. Write something using flicktype keyboard or using voice
7. press done.
8. After successful post, A pop-up will appear.
Thats it.

Keep your follower up-to-date from your wrist - with just your voice.

WristTweet is not affiliated or endorsed by Twitter. This is a third party app that is fully compliant with all terms and policies

Privacy Issue Note :

WristTweet do not access your login credential (password). when you press login button in phone app, App open twitter official login page or switch to twitter app provided by twitter.
surendra kumar