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Wristeps is an Apple Watch app that helps you perform… whatever you want.

Everyone performs tasks (cooking, exercising, doing taxes, work, etc.) that they would like step by step instructions on how to do it, so they don’t miss any steps or timer alerts.

That’s what Wristeps does.

It is the simplest and quickest way for you to perform tasks that you would otherwise have to memorize.

It’s not for a task like doing the dishes, you almost can do that without thinking.
It’s for cooking that egg omelet you made a few months ago, and you would rather have a consistent set of instructions so you can make it exactly the same everytime, or for when you have to reset a clock in your house once every six months, and it always takes you a few minutes to remember how to it.

Wristeps will hold instructions for whatever task you tell it to, so you can pull them up whenever you want in seconds, and your personalized tasks, they’re easy to create.

When on the Watch app, to get to the next step of your task, you simply tap the screen so it is very easy for you to see the next step, which means it is also extremely useful for when performing hands on tasks.

Wristeps also takes timer based tasks to another level. Any task that involves you wanting to be alerted after a period of time (cooking, washing out hair dye, finishing a set of exercises, etc..) can be set in advance. But you are not burdened with setting the timer while your are performing the task, instead, you already pre-set what the timer will be in your task when you created it, and you simply tap the screen to start the pre-set timer.

On the job, you could ensure employees have the most updated steps to perform a task, to get it done as quickly and efficiently as possible. This app would be great for many types of businesses.

* You can send a friend or employee a task by text or email.
* Easy to tap large buttons make it see the next step, even if your hands are full.

As you go about your days, you will come across tasks you need to perform that will make you think, “You know what, I should make a task for this in Wristeps, so I can perform it better, quicker and easier next time I do it.”

Set one up and see how easy and useful it is!
Christopher Meehan