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Wrist Pilot

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Wrist Pilot

As Earth's first interstellar trip goes awry, you'll find yourself stranded in a strange and dangerous star system. "WristPilot" is an epic Apple Watch game that will take you on a journey beyond our galaxy. With fast-paced, addicting gameplay, you'll explore a vast unknown galaxy, uncovering the mysteries of interstellar travel and facing off against a hostile, mysterious alien species.

Experience the game in two different ways: "Story" mode, where you'll follow the unfolding narrative and uncover the secrets of the star system. Or, take on "Arcade" mode to see how long you can last!

As you play, you'll discover that there is more than meets the eye in this unknown star system, and the story will continue to evolve in future updates. With immersive music and sound effects, haptic feedback for added immersion, and global leaderboards, you'll compete with players from around the world to see who's the ultimate space explorer. Get ready to blast off into the unknown with "Wrist Pilot" on your Apple Watch.
Vineet Patil