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Wrist:Home makes using Nest Thermostat and Protect when away from home as easy as possible. No grabbing a control device, no unlocking, no PINs, no hunting for apps… just raising your wrist and getting it done.

For your Nest Thermostat, Wrist:Home provides;

. Realtime viewing of each Thermostats temperature, humidity and connectivity details. Details change live on-screen as they change on your Nest device
. Immediate control of temperature for each Thermostat
. Simple identification of when your Thermostat has achieved it's efficiency leaf
. Quick access using the Force Touch menu to switch between Away and Home modes to help save energy.
. Complete detailed history of changes per thermostat including name changes, temperature, online status plus more

For your Nest Protect, Wrist:Home provides;

. Realtime protection status. Changes to your Protects status reflect immediately while you're looking at the app
. Background notifications to your iPhone and Apple Watch when battery, CO levels and Smoke Levels change
. Complete detailed history of changes per Protect including name changes, Battery, CO levels, Smoke Levels, online status plus more

It's not all about Apple Watch though, the companion app on the iPhone logs all changes and includes the ability to export to email for long-term archiving.
Andre Boyle