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Wrist Arcade 10-in-1

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Wrist Arcade 10-in-1

A portable gaming experience on your wrist. Compete with friends to grab the top spot on the global leaderboards.

Wrist Arcade is a collection of 10 stunning games spanning various genres. Included in the app are the following:

Space Wave:
Defend Earth against an aggressive alien species

Ocean Escape:
Dodge incoming fish by swimming in this fast-paced side scroller

Car Escape:
Race past obstacles and other drivers - tilt screen to navigate your speedy vehicle!

Plane Escape:
Survive an all out aerial attack from the enemy - tilt to maneuver!

Bounce Wars:
Defeat your opponent with a combination of ping-pong and power-ups!

Color Capture:
Rotate your crown to capture the incoming debris

Sharpen your mental math in this fast paced puzzle game

Modernized game of ping-pong with unique visuals

Color Puzzle:
Test your quickness in recognizing colors and words

Space Dash:
Dodge incoming space debris and collect stars in your speedy space ship

Wrist Trek (bonus game!):
traverse the tracks past the obstacles to the target!
Vineet Patil