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World Time Traveler

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World Time Traveler

World Time is the time zone companion for stylish travelers. World Time Traveler is a simple and elegant app that converts time zones on the fly and makes worldwide travels more pleasant and enjoyable by letting you instantly view clear time zone & hour differences, real day & night visualizations, and local times for sunrise and sunset.

And hey, World Time Traveler is also available on your Apple Watch and as a Widget on your iPhone screen.

We travel in style, and we believe you should too.

Key features:

- Day and night visualizations.
- Sunrise and sunset.
- Clear time zone and hour difference.
- Geo-based location support.
- Easy time zone conversions with gestures.
- Stylish design (we believe) with custom color themes.
- Support for standard time (AM/PM) and military time (24-hour).
- Offline mode for your convenience on the airplane.
- iPhone Widgets in 3 sizes.
- Independent Apple Watch app extension.
- Support for 10 different complications on the Apple Watch.
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