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World Tides 2019

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World Tides 2019

WorldTides provides one year of 7 day tide predictions in over 6300 locations all over the world. Data sources include the UKHO, NOAA, Satellite Predictions and more. 5700 of these locations are built-in so they require no internet connection. The software also has a fast built-in map so you don't have to wait for images to download.

These tide predictions are based on historical measurements taken from land-based stations and satellite data. These measurements are used to derive formulas that are used to predict future tides.


Moon Phase, Sunrise, Sunset, built-in offline map, GPS location detection, favorite locations, feet/meter support, 24 hour mode, and manual time adjustments.

Supported Locations all over the world including:

England, United States, Canada, France, Hong Kong, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, United States, Germany, Belgium, Netherlands, Portugal, Japan, Malaysia, and much of South Africa, Central America, South America, and the Pacific Islands.
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