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You are self-employed, Freelancer or Minijobber? Then you should definitely take a closer look at this app.

WorkWatch2 is the easiest and best way to track your working time from your Apple Watch or iPhone. Most apps are too complicated, overpriced, have hidden subscription or in-app costs, or show you ads all the time. I want to do it differently.

WorkWatch2 focuses on the basics and makes your time tracking quick and easy, with no additional cost, no ads and above all, 100% privacy, since your data is stored exclusively on your device.

Put your customers on the iPhone app and start your time tracking directly from your Apple Watch or within the iPhone app if you do not have an Apple Watch at hand. You enter the door at the customer press start and the time recording starts.

...::: Your advantages :::...
• Time tracking via iPhone or Apple Watch
• No registration
• No lite version - Forever full version
• No data on our servers (100% privacy)
• No complicated functions
• No in-app purchases (all future features are free)
• You want to support me? Voluntary in-app purchase (support)
• No advertising
• create and download data backup at any time (full privacy - no server upload)
• Detailed incoming statistics for the current year
• DarkMode (IOS 13)
• Made in Germany

...::: The functions :::...
• Create customers
• Add projects
• Time recording via Apple Watch or iPhone without Apple Watch
• Export your job data as CSV

...::: The history :::...
I developed the app because I have been working as a freelancer for many years and have tested many apps for time tracking over the years. None of the apps made the time tracking simple and fast. None of the apps went with me. Well, since I've been a developer for over 15 years, something new had to come. Something behind which there is no big company, which is about profit, but an app that is based on the wishes of users, your wishes, and offers you exactly the features you want.

... ::: The future remains exciting ::: ...
Just as the world keeps turning, the WorkWatch2 app never stops. I have planned many more great and important functions and I would like to involve you in the development. If you have ideas or suggestions, then feel free to contact me by email to [email protected] or on Facebook.

All planned new features (your own and your wishes) and their development status can be found on my website So you're always up to date on which feature is done and you can also vote for your favorite features so that they slide up the priority list.

Get the WorkWatch2 app now and benefit from the advantages and easy and convenient way to track your working time.

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Contact, inquiries, requests
> [email protected]

All information and features about the app

If you would like to support me and my project then give me a coffee (rather a tea) via this link:
or within the app (in the main menu> "Support") via a voluntary in-app purchase. As promised, there will be no in-app purchases for new time tracking features.

I'm looking forward to your feedback and have fun with the WorkWatch2 App.

Best wishes from Hamburg
David Keller