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Any language/region. Add custom exercises and access them by muscle group. Work out by selecting a list of exercises, and walk automatically through the sequence, logging your start and stop times for each set. Program goal weights and repetitions for each set on your iPhone, and modify them as you go. The Log tab displays your workout log. Email log as text/CSV. Share your daily exercise summary via Social Media.
Use with your Apple Watch, or standalone on your iPhone.

We use LARGE buttons on the Apple Watch. It really makes a difference.

* Now works with foreign language character sets.

+ Fast and clutter free exercise logging.

+ Easily add your exercises by muscle group for easy access (Core, Upper, or Lower body).

+ Optionally enter goal weight and repetitions.

+ Optionally add notes for each exercise and view them while going through sets.

+ Create new exercises, edit, or delete them.

+ Reorder or sort your exercise list.

+ Select a group of exercises from the list and just tap
“Begin Selected Sequence".

+ Automatically advance to the next exercise in the sequence by
tapping "Start", "Stop", and "Next" in your chosen order.

+ "Start" button on the Apple Watch displays the current set number.

+ Exercises and logs are saved directly to your iPhone for speed and
convenience. (includes reps, weights, sets, dates, duration)

+ Email your workout log history from your iPhone.

+ Email log in text or CSV format.

+ Share your daily workout summary via Social Media.

+ No subscriptions or logins required.

+ No ads or In-App Purchases. You get all the features now.

+ VERY STABLE - zero crashes detected.

* Reps/Weight changes made to an exercise on the watch will only persist for that session. Program your exercises on the iPhone to save it to the database, and use them on iPhone or Apple Watch.

Please visit for questions or tech support.
Blue Vine Solutions, LLC