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by Apple
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by Apple
The Workout app on Apple Watch gives you tools to track your individual workout sessions. You can set specific goals, track your progress, view relevant metrics, and receive feedback along the way.


• Scroll through the list of workouts to choose the workout type that best matches what you’re doing including running, hiking, yoga, and cycling.
• Multisport workout supports training for a triathlon or duathlon and includes automatic switching.
• Create structured intervals by selecting or building a custom workout
• Receive a reminder to start or end your workout for walking, running, cycling, elliptical, rowing and swimming.
• Raise your wrist to view key metrics including calories, distance, pace, heart rate, running power and more during your workout session.
• Running form metrics track how efficiently you run and include: Vertical Oscillation, Stride Length, and Ground Contact Time.
• Automatically pause and resume your workout for running and cycling.
• Mark segments in your workout to track laps or distance.
• Customize alerts based on specific metrics for each workout type, with ability to receive alerts when going above or below a metric like Pace, Running Power, Cadence or falling within a target Heart Rate Zone.
• With Voice Feedback, workout milestones like pace, speed, distance, progress against goals and activity rings are announced.
• When in an active workout scroll the Digital Crown to see new Workout views and training experiences including additional metrics, Heart Rate Zones, and to check your progress against your Activity Rings.
• Swimming workouts now include automatic Kickboard detection.