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Workout Log

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Workout Log

ironGAINS app is built in a way so you would be motivated to push yourself forward and make progress.
Every single workout.
When you input set data for current workout you are faced with the result of previous session. It's you against you game. Works perfectly!

Now with Apple Health Kit support for Apple Watch users!

ironGAINS app is excellent replacement for paper notes and spreadsheets. With convenient yet flexible layout you will be able to input your workouts almost effortless.

ironGAINS app has over 150+ preloaded exercises so you can set up your own custom routines in a clever and easy way. Have your own special exercise? That's great! Just add it to the existing exercises base and carry on.

With the ironGAINS app you won't need stopwatch or clock anymore either. Automatic, adjustable on the go timer was built for your favor. Just enter set data and your rest time will be counted for you automatically.

And last but not least, ironGAINS app will keep your workouts secured and synced on all your devices. That is so because all of your workouts are backed-up on iCloud. What could grant even more safety than Apple?

Here is what ironGAINS app users say:

"It automates what I wrote down on paper for years!"

"No more excel spreadsheets and clipboards!"

"The build in timer is your personal trainer telling you it's time for the next set!"

"It helps me push myself more when working out!"

"Keeps me on top and ahead of my schedule!"

"I recommend this to all of my friends when I get the chance."

"I use this app religiously."

Just give a test ride, ironGAINS app is free for the first 5 workouts.
Arnas Dilys