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Workout of the Day

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Workout of the Day

Test the limits of your strength, speed and endurance!
Whether you’re someone looking to try CrossFit or a veteran CrossFitter looking for a new challenge, we have the workouts that you want. They run the gamut from extremely difficult to utterly vicious and borderline insane.

Regardless, all of these WOD’s (that's Workout of the Day) will challenge you as long as you’re giving them your all.

WOD provides everything you need to turn your phone into a tool that will enhance your training and fitness lifestyle. Take your workout to the next level and download WOD now - You have nothing to lose but physical weakness!

◦ Share your completed WODs on Facebook, Twitter or via Email.
◦ Search feature and calendar for easy tracking of past WODs.
◦ Add custom movements and track max weight achievements.
◦ Graphing to see your progress over time.
◦ Create your own custom WODs for future use.
◦ Standard timer, lap timer, countdown timer, interval timer, and fully programmable Tabata timer.
◦ Within timers, keep track of reps by tapping screen and then import score to completed WOD.
◦ iPod music access within timers.
◦ Imperial and Metric settings.
◦ Large collection of how-to videos, covering many basic and advanced movements.
◦ Weight percentage charts and calculator.

Just start with the equipment you have and the logistics you're working with (space to run, 10' wall, etc.) and let WOD take care of the rest. The process is simple and fast so you get to spend more time getting fit and less time trying to piece together a workout.

With limitless equipment combinations and hundreds of exercises to choose from you'll never be stuck doing the same old thing.

So drop the dumbbells and give these WODS a shot, I dare you!
Gabriel Lupu