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Workout app

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Workout app

Workout app / Training app

Your best interval training instructor.

The application contains:
- 90 interval workouts with different load and intensity
- Detailed instructions. Every single training is described in details
- More than 40 exercises with detailed description, step-by-step guide is made for each exercise
- Training diary. Keep your records and share them with friends
- Also in many workouts tabata protocol is used
- Each workout it is a wod

- Easy workout (free)
- Tabata burpee
- Cindy
- Barbara
- Warm up Classic
- Hero-X
- Static
- etc

- Burpee
- Squats
- Crunches
- Push-Ups
- Lunges with jumps
- Lunges
- etc

Workout app - best application for workout of the day

The application supports Health app:
At your request, the data on completed training will be automatically added to the Health app.

Let your trainings will be productive and efficient!
Alexander Senin