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The App will allow the users to track their working time, as well as the break and the interference during a working day.

The user, in order to perform the task, will be able to start/pause/end three different timers.
Once the Work Day is done he/she will be able to:

1. pause all the timers and resume later
2. restart the timers
3. save the daily data and restart the timers.

In the History Screen the user will be able to view the data based on three filters:

1. current week: from Monday to the current day
2. current month: from the 1st day of the month to the current day
3. current year: from the same day last year to today

In the Setting screen the user will be able to delete all the data. The data will be store for one year, everything older will be automatically removed.
Matteo Giurdanella