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Perform your calculations from your AppleWatch. Woperations app is a great calculator that allows you to see the history of calculations made for you. If you want to show for your friends the history, you can use your iPhone to see these calculations. It is great!! Woperations is perfect to fast calculations, to divide bills with people, and for any situation that you need to see that history.

Tip 1: Woperations app from your Apple watch allow to see the history of your calculations from the Crown. Thus, use the Crown in the calculator and history screens.

Tip 2: In order to see the history of calculations in your iPhone, first you should access the History screen from your Apple Watch. After this access, automatically the home screen of Woperations in your iPhone is updated.

Good calculations!!

Andrew Diniz da Costa
Joao Paulo P. S. Cavalcanti
Ricardo Venieris
Andrew Costa