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-Studio- The world's first “Live-stream fitness battle” workout system
-Winner of iF Design award 2021 & media choice award of CES 2021
“It challenges Apple Fitness Plus with motion tracking”—Tom's Guide

Welcome to Wondercise! Your AI fitness trainer.
Introducing our brand-new function -- “Studio”,
the world's first “Live-stream fitness system”
with our Multi-Point Motion Match technology.
You can create your own/or join other studio
for fitness sessions and compete with fellows.
By using a compatible wearable, including Apple
Watch, Garmin wearable or Wondercise Band,
your posture, pace and minute movements are all
evaluated against those of on-screen trainers and
a real-time score is generated and displayed.
By seeing exercise scores, we can efficiently
challenge others, even ourselves to improve!

Core Features of the Wondercise

- Training with Apple Watch & Garmin wearable
Now, you can train with putting on Apple Watch, Garmin wearable
or the "Wondercise Tracker Band" for a better training experience.
The Multi-Axis Motion Sensor can track your movements,
and compare your training data with the course trainer in real time.
After completing the course, you can view your score and calorie
consumption. It’s like experiencing a personal training class at home
and understanding your workout performance.
It allows you to compete with your friends anytime as well!

- Enjoy unlimited viewing of original video
Nearly 40 training channels and more than 100 training videos,
The smart recommendation system can automatically generate
the most suitable training plan according to your needs.
From basic to advanced, from fat burning to muscle gaining,
the courses are constantly updated,and are all demonstrated by
internationally renowned trainers.
Watch all kinds of training courses anytime,
and change your living room into a gym in seconds!

- Exciting courses led by world-class trainers
Popular and diversified training courses, created by
the Wondercise International Trainer Team.
No matter you want to do muscle strengthening, body sculpting,
core muscle training, body balance or flexibility improving,
you can choose the body part you want to train,
the goal you want to achieve,and the training intensity
that suits you the best.

- Thoroughly monitor your physical changes
Wondercise is not just your AI trainer,
it can also be connected with the "Wondercise Tracker Band"
to record your daily activity data and physical changes:

‖ Step counting- counts all your steps during your
morning commute, random walks, and aerobic speed walking.
Track every step, and motivate yourself to reach the target number!

‖ Running-automatically tracks your location during running.
Record the time and distance, and calculate the calories burned.

‖ Heart rate-accurately tracks your heart rate changes
through the built-in motion sensor.
Monitors your heart rate during exercise 24 hours a day,
records the heart rate status and the energy consumed,
and plans the time and amount of exercise in a scientific way.

‖ Sleep-automatically records your sleep time and
detects your sleeping status.Tracks the proportion of
deep sleep and light sleep, and allows you to
understand and improve your sleep quality.

- Gentle Reminder
※This app supports “Apple Health”; you can synchronize your step count, heart rate, sleep status and other data to the “Apple Health” App.

※This app supports incoming calls or SMS notifications after permission authorization.
The Wondercise Tracker Band can display your call or SMS reminder in real time.

※This app currently enables all users to access all training videos for free by watching Ads. However, you can upgrade to a VIP membership to enjoy a smoother training experience without any Ad interruption.

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