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Groundbreaking AI-powered tracking app for fitness athletes and enthusiasts.

No matter if you are an occasional fitness lover or a full on athlete, Wodscribe brings you much more than a regular fitness tracker. It counts and analyses every single repetition of yours. Moreover, Wodscribe compares the data with previous workouts to determine your progress, and helps you see every small step forward. Wodscribe also shows your rest and transition time. Now you can see exactly how much time you gained by going unbroken instead of breaking that last set of thrusters!

To start, just strap on your Apple Watch and work out. No inputs needed during your training, not even when you start a new round. Wodscribe will figure it all out automatically!

Wodscribe integrates with the Health app in order to save the workout type and read heart rate data while recording a workout.
WOD Scribe ApS