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Atlon brings proper workout tracking to the CrossFit box. We track how you break your sets, which exercises spike your heart rate, rest between your sets, and more. All you have to do is tap start on your Apple Watch and crush your workout.

Our unique workout tracking and recognition system is what gives Atlon its super powers. From your movement we can detect the exercise type and very accurately determine when you are working and when you are resting. We combine this information with your heart rate data to analyze your workout performance and provide unique personalized fitness insights. Accelerate your performance and improve as an athlete with Atlon today.

Atlon also integrates with Apple Health. Your activity rings will close and you can see your training sessions in the Health app.

Here’s how it works:

Record your workout: Atlon tracks your movement with the Apple Watch while you train. All you have to do is tap start before your workout. You don’t have to input anything, just start training. Atlon will figure it all out automatically.

Get your analysis: Did you rest longer than expected? How much did you slow down in the end? Was it worth going unbroken? How many burpees over the bar can you do in a minute? Atlon will help you get a deeper understanding of your performance during the WOD. Look up previous scores to compare or plan how to attack your next workout.

Optimize your training: Atlon keeps your training log and continuously compares your performance over time. Know when you are increasing your capacity or if you are focusing too much on weightlifting and neglecting gymnastics. Compare your benchmark results to other athletes to identify your strong and weak spots. Don’t just focus on time or score, but actually understand why your buddy has a faster Fran time than you and make a plan for catching up. Tracking is essential for optimizing, and Atlon is here to help you succeed.

Some of the workout insights Atlon gives you:

- Easily see which exercises affect your heart rate the most.
- Know your work-to-rest ratio.
- See your rep speed and how it changes throughout the WOD.
- Easily see round times.
- See how balanced the workout was.
- Overview of set sizes and splits for each exercise.
- Overview of all your previous workouts.
- And we’re continuously adding more.

The team behind Atlon:

We are a small startup with big dreams. It is still early days for us, so we hope that you will stick with us as we improve. We are extremely passionate about CrossFit and want to make Atlon indispensable for any fitness athlete. We love feedback and talking to our users. So please reach out to us if you have any suggestions, or just want to chat.

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