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wNote is made to allow you to take a quick note on your Apple Watch when your iPhone isn't reachable. e.g. I use it at the gym when my iPhone is in a locker and disconnected from my Apple Watch. I also use it to privately scribble a quick note on my Apple Watch without having to use dictation.

You can use the Apple Watch app to take notes without using the iPhone app at all. The iPhone app (optionally) allows you to choose between Location Notifications or Event Reminders. If you choose to use Reminders, then notes created on your Apple Watch will sync to the Reminders app on your iPhone. The iPhone app (optionally) allows you to set a geofence location. If you create a note on your Apple Watch when you are outside of the geofence, it will attempt to notify you when you return to the geofence. e.g. If I create a note at the gym, then I'll receive a notification (or reminder) of the note when I return home.

Note: Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.