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Struggling to hit your money goals? Spend smarter with Wisr App. This must-have financial tool lets you round up your daily purchases to help you save money, pay off debt and reach your money goals faster. Check your credit scores and see how they’re tracking over time. Plus, you can manage your Wisr loan anywhere, anytime.

We've helped Australians round up more than $3.5M. With the latest update, you can:

• Get personalised insights to help improve your credit scores
• Supercharge your progress by increasing your round up amount
• Link multiple spending accounts to reach your goal even faster
• Get personalised offers for a smarter, fairer, wiser loan

Round Up
Start making the most of your everyday spending. Round up your purchases to the nearest $1, $2 or $5 and we'll send the spare change directly towards your goal. Wisr App can help you pay down a credit card, personal loan, mortgage or even your student debt. Or, you can use your round ups to build up your savings!

Check your credit scores
Stay on top of your credit scores on the go with regular updates and notifications when your scores change. Plus, we'll send you personalised insights to help you understand what's helping and what's hurting your scores.

Manage your Wisr loan
Wisr loan customers can access their loan info anywhere, anytime. We’ll automatically link your loan account for round ups, making set-up quick and easy.

Safe and secure
We go the extra mile to keep your data and privacy secure. Encrypted transmissions, encrypted storage, HTTPS Everywhere, and AES-256 encrypted storage are just some of the ways we use technology to keep your data and privacy safe.

Refer your mates
Earn up to $100 for inviting your friends to Wisr App. We’ll pay you both $5 when your mate completes their first week of round ups.

Why Round Up with Wisr App?
Even the savviest savers can't avoid spending money sometimes, but with Wisr App, every purchase brings you closer to your goal. When you grab a coffee, shop online or shout your mates at the pub, Wisr App will round up the purchase and shoot the spare change towards your goal. Whether you paying off a debt or working on your savings, every cent counts. The magic happens in the background and you won’t believe how fast small amounts can make a big impact.

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Wisr App operated by Wisr Finance Pty Ltd, in accordance with ASIC RG185 (‘Non-cash payments facilities’) and related instrument ASIC Corporations (Non-cash payment facilities) Instrument 2016/211.