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WIMP (Where Is My Phone) is a revolutionary app that connects your phone to your smartwatch.

The main objective of the App is to alerts you when you walk away from your smartphone, or when your smartphone is walking away from you (being stolen). Once the alert is activated, your smartwatch will vibrate and alert you that you are no longer connected to your phone, (the first few minutes are the most crucial time for you to still find your phone at the place you last left it). You can actually locate your smartphone through your smartwatch as registered at the last location.

WIMP will alert you so you can take action. You never have to wonder where your phone is again! Available for iPhone, this ground-breaking app gives you peace of mind and protects your investment.

Worried about Your Smartphone Being Lost or Stolen? You Need This App!

We rely on our smartphones for everything today – they’re not just for phone calls, they’re for organizing our entire lives. And if something was to happen to your smartphone, you’d feel lost.

That’s where WIMP comes in. WIMP is an app that connects your smartphone to your smartwatch. Here’s how it works:

It alerts you when you walk away from your smartphone or when your smartphone is being stolen. Once the alert is activated, you can actually locate your smartphone through your smartwatch.

Want to turn off WIMP for a little while as you change your phone or put it in a safe place? No problem – you can set the app to “snooze.”

Don’t want to use WIMP on a smartwatch? That’s okay, too. WIMP works on other devices. WIMP on your smartwatch can track another device too - just choose which device you want to track.

Worried about your kids’ smartphones? You should be – they’re an expensive investment, and you don’t want them to get lost or stolen. Download WIMP to their phones and they can keep track of their smartphone with their smartwatch at all times.
Danny Vaittsman