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Williwaw Fan

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Williwaw Fan

This App is only useful if there is a Williwaw in your room.

You will be able to remote control it via your Apple Watch, your iPhone or your iPad.

It will add some IQ to your Williwaw!
-Thermostat mode: set up the temperature above which you want your Williwaw to work, and below which you want it to switch off automatically by itself.
-Convection mode: measure the difference in temperature between the ceiling and the floor, set the maximum delta lens between the ceiling and the floor and your Williwaw will automatically mix the air to harmonize the temperature by bringing back the calories that stagnated lazily from the ceiling.
-Clock mode: you can choose to be woken up by a cool breeze, the wind, or a storm!
-Timer mode: set up, from 15 min up to 10 hours, the delay after which you want your Williwaw to switch off.