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Will Time Fit

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Will Time Fit

Where no two days are the same, WillTimeFit is designed to adapt to the ebbs and flows of your daily schedule. With dynamic day planning and seamless calendar synchronization, navigate through the unpredictable changes and updates of each day with ease and precision. Intuitive, flexible, and efficient - it's your staple tool for managing the unexpected

**Calendar Sync & Planning**
Seamlessly sync your calendar to transform events into manageable daily tasks. Prioritize and conquer your day with ease

**Plan & Track - Real-Time Scheduling Redefined**
Adapt on the fly as changes to your day plan instantly reflect on task start times, remaining times and even free time between tasks. This fluidity makes our planner the most flexible, up-to-the-minute guide for your day.

**Insights & Statistics - Your Day at a Glance**
Keep track of your progress with dynamic summaries and statistics. Automate task tagging and drill down into your daily patterns to see where your time really goes

**Smart Auto-Scheduling**
Will time fit auto-generates your daily plan considering various sources—your calendar, preset routines, or remaining tasks from the previous day. With intelligent timings to avoid any conflicts, enjoy a hassle-free, optimally tailored daily schedule

**Build Routines**
Routines not only help you shape lasting habits but also get auto-scheduled, saving you the hassle of entering tasks repeatedly

**Sync Your To-dos With Tasks**
Never lose sight of your to-dos. Attach your to-do lists to your current tasks and accomplish your goals alongside your daily work

**Journaling - Your Day Journey, Jotted Task by Task**
Turn your tasks into a productivity journal. Jot down crucial notes, thoughts or ideas linked with your tasks, creating a daily roadmap of your work decisions and strategies to fuel future growth and innovation

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