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Will Time Fit

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Will Time Fit

Your day rarely goes as you planned, Some tasks end in taking more or less time than expected and so would affect the rest of your day plan, this is why WillTimeFit is mainly designed to handle your unexpected day fluctuations quickly and easily that you haven’t experienced before in any day planner.

“Will Time Fit” solve this problem by listing all your daily activities while showing you their expected start times and allotted durations.

Where the app excels is when it lets you adjust your schedule on the go, for example, if you want to increase a specific task duration, you can adjust it with a quick drag (left/right) and all subsequent tasks will adapt to the new schedule instantly.

It has other flexible options like

- Update task start time
- Lock task start time so it won’t be affected by other task adjustments
- Display all your schedule gaps, those are your day free times

All with live feedback to see how those changes are affecting other tasks. and to make sure your day plan is manageable in the allotted time.
mohamed abd elaleem