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WildFlower Club

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WildFlower Club

WildFlower™ is the world's first in-person friends and dating app.

- WildFlower envisions a world in which every person experiences profound and meaningful love.

- The unique one-of-a-kind WildFlower app is an invitation to say hello. Find new friends, answer icebreaker questions or indicate that you are looking to create a new romantic relationship.

-Go out with friends and meet new people using WildFlower!

- Display your Relationship Goal to nearby community members. WildFlower on your iPhone and Apple Watch is like a wedding ring except it say "I'm available and here's what I'm looking for."

- Extend the reach of the WildFlower optical signature by placing it on a GPS map where other community members can say hello.

- To provide a remarkable high quality user experience, WildFlower is programmed in Apple's native SWIFT coding language and uses the latest Apple maps technology.

-More than three years of development, market research and IP protection and several hundreds of thousands US dollars have been invested in WildFlower to provide you with a high-quality experience in meeting your people and finding the relationship of your dreams.

- WildFlower is also helpful for members of the LGBTQ community who wish to meet other community members. Programmed by a diverse team including female LGBTQ community members WildFlower seeks to create a wonderfully inclusive Social Networking experience.

- Stay in touch with connections by adding them as a connection and exchanging text based messages.

WildFlower is proud to be part of the Apple Small Business Developer program and developer industry trade associations. We are grateful for the valuable support of the Apple App Store and all of the useful developer tools provided by Apple.

WildFlower™ is copyright 2021 and United States Patent Office patent protected. International PCT patent pending. Duplication of functionality, look, or user experience within apps or device operating systems will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of United States and international law.
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