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WildFlower Club

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WildFlower Club

WildFlower Education™ - a fast and enjoyable way for classmates and conference attendees - remote or in-person - to connect.

At conferences, WildFlower Education is essential for connecting with valuable contacts that will literally change your world.

At colleges and universities, the inspirational and valuable WildFlower Education lets classmates quickly find study partners and form group projects.

WildFlower Education increases student academic performance and wellness by making it easy to connect and form academic networks.

Visit to arrange a free trial for your classroom this spring.

WildFlower is proud to be part of the Apple Small Business Developer program and developer industry trade associations.

We are grateful for the valuable support of the Apple App Store and all of the useful developer tools provided by Apple.

WildFlower™ is copyright 2022. Duplication of functionality, look, or user experience within apps or device operating systems will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of United States and international law.
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