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Wikipedia is everyone's favourite Encyclopedia and Dictionary. Now - with WikiLocal - it can also be our favorite Atlas and vacation tour guide!

That’s because many Wikipedia articles have an associated location. Some obvious examples are articles about a city, a region or a tourist sight. But Wikipedia articles about historic events, natural disasters, animal habitats and interesting discoveries all tend to also have a defined location.

The WikiLocal App makes it easy for you to position all those Wikipedia articles on a Map, or to immediately see the nearest Wikipedia entries to your current location. That makes it a great tool when planning your next vacation, navigating to places of interest or just exploring your local area.

• View Wikipedia articles in your vicinity, or anywhere in the world.
• Preview the articles, or open them fully in the Wikipedia App.
• View a list of the nearest Wikipedia Articles to your current GPS location.
• Maintain a list of your favorite Wikipedia Articles for immediate access.

The companion Apple Watch App does not include a Map, but provides an ultra-convenient way to quickly search for the nearest Wikipedia articles to your current GPS location.

Supports content for the 30 most popular Wikipedia languages: English, Cebuano, Svenska, Deutsch, Nederlands, Français, Pусский, Italiano, Español, Winaray, Polski, Tiếng Việt, 日本語, Português, 中文, Yкраїнська, فارسی, Català, العربية, Norsk Bokmål, Srpskohrvatski, Suomi, Magyar, Bahasa Indonesia, 한국어, čeština, Română, Cрпски, Türkçe, Bahasa Melayu, Euskara, български, Dansk
Paul Manson