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Wiesn 2018

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Wiesn 2018

Make your trip to the Oktoberfest 2018 a unique experience - our Wiesn 2018 App is your perfect companion with all important information around the largest folk's festival in the world!

- Countdown to the official opening of the Oktoberfest
- Interesting information incl. beer prices of the big & small tents
- List of all attractions & fairground rides
- Interactive map with all above stated items plus other important locations (for example entrances, first aid, police, toilets, ATMs)
- Official program of the Oktoberfest events
- Up-to-date weather data and forecast for the next few days
- Expected rush of visitors based on experience values for each festival day
- All possible ways to get to the Oktoberfest by public transport & all taxi stands around the Oktoberfest
- Important telephone numbers and frequently asked questions
- Beer counter and alcohol level calculator*
- Bavarian dictionary with translations
- Interesting data about the Oktoberfest since 1980 in a timeline
- "Bring me home" function with navigation to a defined address
- Multiple livestreams
- Apple Watch support (watchOS 2.0 and higher)
- Today Widget for the notification center
- iMessage stickers

* PLEASE NOTE: The calculation of the alcohol level is based on the improved Widmark/Watson algorithm and takes 1 liter Oktoberfest beer with apprx. 6% ABV as basis. The shown values are only approximate values and can deviate significantly from your actual blood alcohol level. Please note that the values should be used only as a guide and should never be used to determine if you are able to drive. We accept no responsibility or liability for the accuracy or completeness of the information provided.

Do you need technical support or do you have questions on our app? Please use our contact form within the app or email us directly at [email protected].
Tobias Fonfara