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◆ For your lock screen!
◆ For your home screen!
◆ For your Apple Watch + now WidgetBaby! even features Watch clock face complication support!

It's a fun, cute, digital, and fully virtual companion that's with you, quite literally, no matter where you are.

WidgetBaby has something for everyone, jump in and get started!

• Adopt a widget baby today and start caring and loving them!
• Widget babies are adorable, intelligent, and creative beyond what you might expect. They'll always be glad to share new adventures and stories with you :)
• Track your widget babys' health stats and provide food, sleep, and soothing as needed...don't forget to check their diaper too!
• Give your widget baby hugs and kisses by just swiping your finger across them in the app, or give them a toy or some soothing to boost their love level when needed.
• As your widget baby grows they'll have new stories and adventures to tell you about!
• Go on playdate mini-games and compete with other widget babies live as you climb the world-wide WidgetBaby leaderboard!
• Customize the color of their widget home any way you like!
• Collect various supplies to care for your widget baby. Check for and use checkups in the supplies backpack to keep them healthy and from getting sick.
• Can you level your baby all the way to Platinum?!

◆ ------ Join MyWidgetBaby™ our premier subscription for even more features: -------- ◆
◆ Memories™ - Capture memories in augmented reality with your widget baby and save to camera roll to share with friends and family.
◆ Friends™ - Link with others to care for the same widget baby and engage together in the care buddies feed!
◆ PLUS more like sending your baby on festive and unique Escapes or changing their outfit colors anytime you want!

About Us: We're so excited help you get to know your new widget baby companion and are always working hard to improve and make WidgetBaby the best possible for you! We'd love to hear feedback, comments, and anything you'd like to see differently in the app or brought to WidgetBaby. If you need anything at all or a response/help from us for something, please reach out via our contact page below - we're always glad to help however we can!

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