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Smart Home/Office System, and it’s all about the Experience that it brings. Transform your Home/Office into an adaptable and self-powering premise. Control and Observe your home with the simplest way possible.

It can be operated through every smart device available, be it Your Watch or Phone and also with the Touch Display of the system itself. Schedule your daily and hourly tasks with a click, daily tasks like turning the AC on, or open your curtains, set the ambience of your room, or turn all things at by just one click, its all possible now. Forget about the remote controls, as it operate that as well for you

Use it with or without internet.

A 7” Wall Mounted Display Module and that’s it nothing a classy screen and it will be noticed.

The display provides real time information for all the activities in your home, be it Power Generation or Consumption, as well as detailed analysis of equipment like Air Conditioner, Fans or all, and guess what you won’t need any remote controls anymore.
Purvesh Simejiya