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Why Choose?

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Why Choose?

“I believe that we make the most of our freedoms by learning to make good choices about the things that matter, while at the same time unburdening ourselves from too much concern about the things that don’t.” - Barry Schwartz, The Paradox of Choice

Why Choose? Is a random decision maker and practice tool, designed to help remove the burden of decision making from the choices that don’t matter.

Simply create lists of things you often need to decide between, like restaurants, tv shows, exercises, sweet rollerblade tricks, or books, then let Why Choose? pick the thing you should do next.

Spend no time deciding, so you can spend more time doing.


Random numbers (reps, tempos, etc.)
For each item that you enter, you can also decide to let Why Choose? pick a random number to go with it. For example, if you enter an exercise, you can enter the minimum and maximum number of reps you’d like to do. Or if you enter a musical exercise, you can enter your minimum and maximum tempo to receive a random tempo to practice.

Why Choose? is great at storing things people recommend to you, like TV shows or books. But sometimes you don’t want to choose between every option on your list. Use muting to keep those recommendations for the future, but prevent them from being picked by Why Choose? right now.

Apple Watch
Access your lists from your watch, so you can avoid decisions from the convenience of your wrist!
Samuel Foulger