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Whoz Who?

by 2LA
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Whoz Who?

by 2LA
Even more FUN than the famous Time's Up! with many universes of cards to be guessed (Harry Potter, Marvel, Game of Thrones, Disney, Cinema, Family...)!

Have fun while making your friends or family guess what is written on cards.

ALL the players play on ONE SINGLE DEVICE (phone or tablet) for more fun!
No network connection is needed to play! You can play wherever you want with no constraints!

Whoz Who? is a team game which goal is to make your mates guess what is written on cards.

Each round of the game brings fun and very delirious situations!

The card themes can be:

• Cinema
• Sport
• Celebrities
• Music
• Art and literature
• Geek

and even more!

You can bring even more fun by creating your OWN card packs!

Whoz Who? is available on iPhone and iPad but also on Apple Watch!

NO advertising in the application.

Please send your remarks and suggestions to: [email protected]