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WhoeverNote -Simple Note-

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WhoeverNote -Simple Note-

You can see the memo on your home screen! The app WhoeverNote that is perfect for quickly check!
Ideas, Joke notes, Shopping lists, Station exits and Meetings spot!
Also, you can change the background color and font size so that you can set the memos on your iPhone screen clear and visible.

In addition to the widget display, it has a variety of functions, ready-to-use, and it's free!*.

- Home screen widget display (iOS14 or above)
- Compatible with Apple Watch (displays 5 new memos)
- Memo word’s count
- Archive
- Font change (size, character spacing, kerning and color)
- Change theme color
- Memo list sorting
- Tag search (with tag color)
- Share
- Backup

All-you-can-use for free! WhoeverNote that is perfect for you who want to check a small memo immediately!
Download it now!
* You will be charged only for deleting advertisements.