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White Noise Machine

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White Noise Machine

White noise is the most effective, inexpensive & easiest sleep help for babies.
This new app contains more than 50 carefully prepared white noise sounds & lullabies for FREE.

- More than 50 white noise sounds and lullabies
- All available since the beginning for FREE
- Set a timer for the nap, the melody will fade out progressively
- RECORD your own voice to use during the included audio
- Use the app in the background, you can access it anytime though control center or the lock screen
- Use the app from your Apple Watch
- Create your own Favourites list for quick access
- Play the audio through your AirPlay enabled devices such as your Apple TV or speakers
- Usage recommended for babies up to 12 months and beyond

Help your baby sleep with the best selection of white noise and background soothing sounds. Designed for busy parents, the one-flick interface will allow you to quickly set it up on the go with one hand (you might need the other to hold your baby!). It comes with great unique sounds that will fade out gradually when the timer reaches the end.
You can use them when your baby is agitated or falling asleep.

Remember babies have just come from an incredibly loud and noisy womb... And if you know anything about babies, you know they like what they are used to. If you want to set your baby up for the best sleep possible, create their safe space, use white noise.
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