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White Noise HD

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White Noise HD

**FREE for a Limited Time**

Sleep better.

Help your baby sleep soundly with White Noise HD. Created by a mom and dad who wanted a white noise machine that was safe, simple, and best of class. White Noise HD provides high quality sound and is easy for parents to operate—even when their hands are full.

Soothe to sleep. Shield against startling sounds. Even treat hearing problems (Tinnitus) and migraines.

White Noise HD promises:

◇ Expertly tuned, high quality sounds. Effective for soothing, sleeping, and shielding.
◇ Soft, smooth transitions between sounds.
◇ Proven reliability. Thoroughly tested to prevent failures that can wake your baby.
◇ Big, easy to operate buttons.
◇ Start and stop play, even while your phone is locked.
◇ Continuous play, even if you have to exit the app.
◇ Support for Airplay, Bluetooth, Docks, and standalone play.

White Noise HD, was made for you and your child. Download it now to experience the best-quality, most reliable white noise available.

Learn more about the different modes:

● Sleep mode is best for promoting deeper, more stable sleep. In this mode, you'll hear "pink noise" which most people prefer over white noise. Pink noise was recently popularized by Dr. Oz.

● Soothe mode provides a deep pacifying sound, similar to the sounds in a womb.

● Shield mode is best for masking noises that can cause restlessness.