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WHITE·Art Up Your Photography

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WHITE·Art Up Your Photography

Instead of the showy tags and disturbing comments, it is more enjoyable to get clean and white.

We (WHITE) present you a simple while exclusive way of composing. Every picture you took here shall no longer be just an image, we turn it into a delicate WhiteCards telling your stories.

Accessing into the social page, you will run into breathtaking moments from every corner of the world. Through WHITE, you will receive our WhiteCards and check out the ongoing touching stories behind them.

WHITE Honor:

- App Store(China mainland) Home page feature;

- App Store(Taiwan,HongKong,Macau) One of the best new apps;

- Tech Medias Report: 36kr NEXT , 好奇心日报 , 最美应用 , 数字尾巴,鸟哥笔记 etc.
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