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Whistle Watch

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Whistle Watch

A referee must stay focused at the game. Timekeeping must be done in a good way and this App can help with this by supporting the referee.

A match consists of 1 or more periods. The duration and optional pause time can be set for each period. The referee will not only be helped with correct time keeping, but the App will also alert the referee by means of vibration and / or sound.

The App can also keep track of the score and possible issued cards. Cards can be linked to a time penalty for a player, so that the App indicates at the right time that the time has elapsed and the player can participate again.

Finally, at the end of the match, the App gives an overview of the match with the registration of goals, cards, times and periods.

The App is made with field hockey in mind, but can also be used with other sports. For example indoor hockey, soccer and other types of team sports for which time needs to be kept per period.

With this App it becomes possible for the referee to share the match using a match code. Others can enter this match code in their App and then follow what the referee is doing. When a referee changes the score or pauses the match, all linked devices will see that nearly instantly.

Functions in short:
1. On the main screen whistle shows:
a. The current time
b. The current period number
c. The score of the match
d. Counting down time per period
e. The duration of the match
f. The duration of the injury time
2. During the match it can be paused, during the pause the remaining period duration stops counting down, including the remaining penalty time for issued cards
3. During the match the injury time can be enabled, during the injury time the remaining period duration stops counting down, including the remaining penalty time for issued cards
4. When the time is counting down and the device is unused for a while, the battery save mode will be switched on while the app continues to count down
5. Setting up periods for the match (minimum 1, maximum 10)
6. Per period the following can be setup:
a. The duration of the period
b. The duration of the pause after the period
c. If whistle has to give a warning just before the end of the period
d. The time how far from the end of the period the warning has to be given
e. If whistle has to give a warning at the end of the period
7. Management of cards
a. Before a match starts, cards can be setup
i. Color
ii. Name
iii. Possible duration of the time penalty
b. Issueing of cards:
i. Choose the Type of the card
ii. For the away or home team
iii. Optionally the name or number of the player
c. Whistle counts the possible time penalty down and gives a warning at the end
8. At the end of the match whistle provides an overview of the match:
a. The score
b. The details of the goals
c. The details of the issued cards
d. All time details of the match
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