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Where To?

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Where To?

Where To? ~ Find the best places around you - wherever you are, finds the best restaurants, shops, and services around you. Choose from more than 700 categories. It keeps you covered with all the details and even includes dinner menus for half a million US restaurants. Decide if you like the place by checking ratings and reviews and by browsing through photos and videos. Mark your favorite spots and categories to find them later easily. Your favorites are also available on your Apple Watch
Your favorite spots on your wrist
Check the location of your favorite places and get directions. Description, business hours and reviews: Where To? has you covered. Use Force Touch to mark or unmark a place as a favorite.
Search places
Select your favorite category or use Force Touch to search by voice. And Where To? displays nearby results in a snap.
View the last place you opened on your iPhone at a Glance. Or open the details with a tap. The other direction is just as easy: Use Handoff on your iPhone to beam the currently viewed place from your wrist to your iPhone. Handy to make a call or check the website.
FutureTap GmbH

FutureTap was founded in 2008 by Ortwin Gentz with the mission to create innovative and easy-to-use apps that fully leverage the iPhone user interface concept. FutureTap is known for the local search app “Where To?” for iPhone and the Street View app “Streets” for iPhone and iPad. Both apps have been sold more than half a million times.