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Happy games lead happy growth!
Explore the space from 3000 steps a day!
Explore the stars with Kim.
Explore the universe to build dreams.

Content Summary:
• Meter step! Meter step! Meter step!
• Hard working makes energy getting!
• Apple watch metering steps while health habit taking steps.
• Lauch! Lauch! Lauch!
• Fly your own star trek!
• Collect! Collect! Collect!
• Find the stars and know the universe.
• Accumulate space elements!

Product features:
• More than a hundred kinds of space elements.
• Own star chart developing.
• Classic, fancy, puzzle.
• A combination of sports, knowledge and games.
• Strong expansion of the design.
• More convenient to view.
• Timely master the physical condition.
• Sync step from Heathy app or apple watch, transforms the step into the energy for explore planet.

No inserted programs to pay!
No third-part advertisement!
No links to other sites!
We provide the kids a clean space without interferences.

1.Open Apple Watch to grasp energy information in a timely manner.
2.Start Apple Watch,keep track of monster's attack information.
3.Log in Apple Watch,contact with the aliens in a timely manner.
4.Use Apple Wacth to get double energy and explore more stars.

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