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Wheel of What? Pro Decisions

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Wheel of What? Pro Decisions

Need help deciding where to go? What to eat for lunch? Who to call tonight? Rather leave it up to chance? Let our spinner app Wheel of What decide for you!

BUILD your own wheels with whatever choices you need help in deciding. Then with a flick of a finger,
SPIN the wheel and watch as the choice is made for you. You can even
DOWNLOAD from popular public wheels and
SHARE your favorite wheels with others.

This is the spinning wheel app that you've need. Packed with features that make it a leading app in the category. It is loaded with features like:
* haptic pulses
* updated user interfaces
* fun wheel themes
* access other wheels made by our community
* share your wheels
* reviewed wheels
* custom wheels
* could based wheels to sync across all your devices

Pro includes
* includes Apple Watch Support
* make 64 different wheels
* give your wheels up to 64 slices each!
* ad free!

Need ideas for wheels?
You could support family game nights by making a casino style roulette wheel
Fortnite or PubG drop locations
Slime ingredients selections
Simulate "twister spinner"
Help to pick the family dinner location
Use it for dungeons and dragons dice
Use it for fortune teller
Simulate the "wheel of fortune" wheel
As an improv comedy suggestions wheel
... or even a goofy dance moves wheel!

Get it today and never be indecisive again!
Mondo Cool Studios LLC