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What's On?

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What's On?

- See which TV shows that have new episodes this week!

- Apple Watch complication to quickly display what new shows are on tonight!

I hate turning my TV on and finding out that this week's episode is a rerun. So I built What's On? (Sorry, English majors.) It's a simple app that allows you to quickly check for new episodes of your favorite shows.

The app was designed for the sole purpose of quickly telling you if your favorite shows are new this week. As soon as you download the app, you are prompted to add your favorite shows. After this, every time you open the app, you will instantly see all of your shows after a quick refresh, along with the air dates of the next new episodes.

What's On has an Apple Watch app that supports complications. Every day, your watch will tell you what's on tonight directly from your watch's clock face. The Apple Watch app also has a Glance so that you can quickly peek at what's on if you don't have space for the complication.

There is also a Today widget so that you can quickly swipe down to see when the next new episodes will air!

PLEASE NOTE: This app is only intended for use inside the US. If you download the app and try to use it outside of the country, you will not necessarily see the correct dates and times for shows.
Benjamin Kelsey