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What2Mine - cryptocurrency mining calculator.
You can check profitability of mining and pick hardware (ASIC or GPU), forecast profitability of chosen currency with consideration of hashing speed and energy consumption.
Choosing mining currency with What2Mine
In the app to start calculating process you have to choose the mining method. The most popular cryptocurrency algorithms obtained with ASIC (SHA-256, X11, Scrypt, Quark, Quabit) and GPU (algorithms) are accessible.
After the method and hardware is chosen and you read the information about the coin you can save calculator settings and get the data about mining results.

Calculated data can be sorted by profitability, market capitalization or in relation to BTC

What2Mine – choosing mining hardware

With What2Mine you can choose the right hardware* and achieve top hash computation speed with lowest possible energy consumption
*you can see the hashrate for each GPU in a drop-down menu

You have to choose the coin you are interested in and save the calculation settings for the Hardware you are interested in; the data will update automatically in real time and will be displayed in the coin discription along with actual data about exchange rates, capitalization, liquidity and currency development activity
What2Mine and ICO hypothesis testing
Investing in cryptocurrencies with accelerated emission can be super profitable or very unsuccessful depending on what currency you choose.

Its hard to estimate ICO investment advisability yourself. With What2Mine you can check your assumptions and choose most profitable forks with increasing liquidity, monitor profitability dynamics of coins you are interested in and don’t get distracted by informational static.
By choosing coins and setting most popular mining methods for them you’ll get the actual dynamic picture always in reach of your hand in your mobile device.