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What When

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What When

What When is an application to keep record of the activities related to projects and of the time spent on each of them.
For each activity you can store the following information:

* name of the project
* date of the execution of the activity
* duration of the activity in hours
* description of the activity

Date entering can either be done using a text field or, more conveniently, using a date picker. Selection of the projects and of the duration of the activities can only be done via picker.

Entering new activities requires only a few moments.

Other available features are:

* insertion, deletion and modification of projects. Each project can be associated to a code which can be used for filling-out paper forms or external time sheet

* list of all the activities

* report of activities related to a period of time. Selecting two dates (time interval), the application shows the list of projects on which any work was performed and the related total time spent

* deletion of activities related to a user defined period of time

Approaching and leaving the project office/place the app sends notifications in order to remind you to enter time spent on the related activity.

Notifications are also received on the Watch and through the Watch the user can quickly enter activities and can access to a summary of the today activities.

Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.
Fabrizio Boco