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WestLotto Sim KENO

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WestLotto Sim KENO

WestLotto Sim KENO is the first lottery app that allows you to use your Apple Watch to simulate the game Keno, by reading your data from HealthKit for iOS 8. Discover new ways to create your lucky numbers with its feature “unBEATable” or learn how to cool down with “Hear(i)t”, which tells you to stop playing, when your average heart rate goes up.
WestLotto Sim KENO is only a simulator app, this means the lottery game is staged and wagers are not real. The app will help us see how lottery can be played, using a new technology such as the Apple Watch. The best results are achieved when using the app with an Apple Watch. Based on your feedback and ratings, we will adjust the features “unBEATable” and “Hear(i)t” and implement them in our official WestLotto app. So please download, test and rate the app.

Health App integration:

WestLotto Sim KENO reads the following data from the Health app.
- Heart rate

WestLotto Sim KENO features:
- Create your own personal numbers based on your heart rate.
- Don’t just play, be a part: your “unBEATable" numbers are your unique and personalized numbers, allowing you to become part of the game.
- Cool down a bit and take a break: the “Hear(i)t” feature warns you if your average heart rate goes up compared to the day before.

WestLotto Sim KENO doesn't measure anything by itself. It simply reads data from the Health app.
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