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Wellness helps make sense of your mental health. Set up reminders to take your medications and learn how consistently you take them. Quickly log your moods throughout the day to see your mood over time. Keep your data private with your passcode and Touch ID. Integrate with Apple Health for a bird's eye view of your health data inside Wellness.

## Always know how you've been feeling
With Wellness, you'll always have the data to describe how you've been feeling. The mood chart shows your recently logged moods, so you can see every change in your mood — big or small.

## Understand your medication use
Some medications help, some don't. Wellness knows when you plan to take your medication and remembers when you haven't, painting a clearer picture of your adherence.

## Privacy at its core
Your mood and medication history is sensitive information. You can always protect your data in Wellness with Touch ID and a passcode.


**Wellness is always free to use to track your mood cycles.**

Pillbox and Health integration features will require Wellness to be unlocked. All Wellness features are unlocked for the first 7 days. After that, you will have the following Wellness Plan options:

- Wellness Basic: Free (Mood tracking only)
- Wellness Monthly: $1 per month
- Wellness Yearly: $10 per year
- Wellness Forever: $20 once

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