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Want to get new habits and activate life?
Use the power of the community!

Research shows that there are three proven ways to create new habits;
Either you will start very small; for example, you will start by drinking water regularly in order to eat a balanced diet;
Or you will change yourself by, let us say, hiring an expensive coach so that s/he hits your head constantly to get that new habit to your cycle;
Or you will change your environment!
That is where we come in.
Wellbees is here to help you create new habits by using the power of community.
Pick your new habit, challenge others within the community, get ready to get motivated and inspired by them in return!
Here are some of the awesome things you can do on Wellbees:
Access fun content on new wellness behaviors,
Challenge yourself with a new habit or join one to challenge others!
Get nutrition specialists and psychologists to comment on your new habit or access them easily by phone!
Reach out to corporate clubs within your organization!
Please do share your feedback with us. Your feedback helps us to trigger change towards a world where everyone can reach her/his behavior and support one another along the way.

Note: Wellbees must access Apple's "Health" app for the Challenge.
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