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Well -relax & better sleep

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Well -relax & better sleep

Living in the fast-paced modern society, our material desires have been met, however, the spiritual life has usually been ignored.

Note: the Well APP uses HealthKit, and the meditation training data will be synchronized to "health" every time after you have agreed to the end of the meditation.

Problems like anxiety, irritation, and helplessness have become increasingly prominent, which leading to symptoms such as depression, insomnia, distraction, and impaired concentration and many other long-term negative emotions.

All these negative emotions usually throw people in misery for a long time.

To deal with those problem, we have produced a series of mindful meditation training courses, aiming to guide users to adjust their emotions and mental status, and to help them become more peaceful, calm, and positive about life.

We also developed other auxiliary tools, such as breath guidance and white noise
We will continue to add more useful tools gradually. Featured contents includes:
Training courses: Continuously updated psychological training courses, including professional courses about sleep, concentration and relaxation.
Weekly story. Audio articles about some easy to understand psychology knowledge. All recorded by professional broadcasters.
Sleeping stories: Featured sleeping stories recorded by professional broadcasters. All with a purpose to bring a soothing mood to prepare users for a tight and sweet sleep.

Audio stories and professional training courses with full copyright.
Psychology professionals and famous radio broadcasters are fully involved.

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