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WeightsPal helps you keep track of your strength and weight training workouts, either at home or in the gym.

‣ It provides plenty of workouts that you can start quickly.

‣ Supports Apple Watch so it's never been easier to enter your sets, adjust and monitor the rest timer

‣ Integrated with the Health app: once you finish a workout on Apple Watch, you will see your calories burned and average heart rate during the workout, and that data gets stored in HealthKit allowing you to keep track of all your daily activities.

‣ It contains 100s of exercises to choose from. No matter what equipment is available, the workout will always include enough exercises to help you get stronger.

‣ Keeps track of your progress. Each exercise shows you an overall progress chart and the sets you did the last time so you can focus on progressing and getting stronger.

‣ Rest timer. Each time you log a new set a countdown timer appears and will send a notification if the phone's screen turns off or if you open another app while resting.

‣ It's perfect for Home Workouts. WeightsPal includes 10s of Bodyweight exercises that can be performed at home.

In addition, WeightsPal Pro members can enjoy:
‣ Exploring their progress on beautiful graphs
‣ Creating custom workout templates
‣ Using unlimited favorite & recent workouts
‣ Saving exercise notes.
‣ Using warmup sets.

Download now and let WeightsPal help you get stronger!

For feedback and support please email us at [email protected]
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