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Weibull Distribution

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Weibull Distribution

In probability and statistics, the Weibull distribution is a continuous 3 factor probability distribution.

The three factors that comprise the Weibull distribution are the Shape Parameter (a), the Scale Parameter ( b) and data sets of a Random Variable (x).

The Weibull distribution probability density function is used in predicting the time to failure. It is often applied in manufacturing and materials science.

For Data Entry the Weibull Distribution app for iPad and iPhone utilizes three Sliders to enter the Shape Parameter (a), the Scale Parameter (b) and a Random Variable (x). . The range of the Shape Parameter (a) and Scale Parameter (b) is [1-4] with 0.1 segments. The range of the Random Variable (x) is [1-4] also divided into 0.1 segments.

The Weibull Distribution app graphs the Weibull Proability Density Function f(x) graph for the two entered Shape Paramter (a), the Scale Parament (b) and for a family of 11 Random Variable (x) values for the range [1-4]. A unique graph will be displayed for each unique Shape Parameter (a) and Scale Parameter (b) pair.. A Data Table displays the x/f(x) values for a Random Variable (x) range.
Donald Schaefer