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WeHelp provides you with a complete tool suite to keep you and the people who matter most, safe and connected.

Add your contacts to your safety network so you can all stay updated and connected through your private map. In case of emergency we also notify immediately your safety network and our 24/7 virtual bodyguards.

We are the #1 personal safety app, and the only one with 24/7 virtual bodyguards taking care of you day and night, and ready to help in any situation.

WeHelp is the most advanced way to keep yourself and your loved ones safe.

WeHelp Features:

* WorldWide coverage: Our virtual bodyguards will help you and monitor no matter where you are. We also have a big and growing community of heroes all around the world. If you need help or just feel unsafe we will always be there for you.

*Safety Network: : You can check-in with your friends and family to see where they are and if they need help at any time.

*Smart Check-ins: Our non invasive smart system can identify dangerous or abnormal situations outside of your routine and check-in with you to see if you are ok. If you don't respond your virtual bodyguard will immediately be notified.

*SOS button: With just a button you can request help and we immediately notify your virtual bodyguard and your safety network.

*Virtual bodyguards 24/7: We have a team of experience and trained bodyguards available 24/7 to keep you safe at all times.

*Danger alerts: You automatically receive alerts if we detect you entered an unsafe area. You can request your bodyguard to monitor your location until you feel safe.

*Share status: You can share where you are and what you are doing with you safety network in an easy an efficient way so your loved ones are always updated on your whereabouts.

*Ghost mode: We know sometimes you want your privacy, you can use Ghost mode to hide your location 1, 8 and 24hrs.

*Advanced triggers: We've built a set of features to make it easier than ever to get in contact with your bodyguard in complicated situation. (Timers, Siri, iWatch and more)

Our memberships: We have memberships for everyone, personal and family.

FREE: We want everyone to stay safe and connected. With our free plan you can send SOS alerts and add up to 2 contacts to your safety network

Plus for $9.99/mo: Get access to virtual bodyguards and more
Premium for $14.99/mo: Get access to all of WeHelp with our most advanced and experienced bodyguards

If you are a trained professional in a medical area, or first responder we encourage you to become a hero and get notified when people nearby need help. Together is how we make our world a safer place.
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