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Keeping a budget helps you make sure you have all the money you need, when you need it. Weekling is the easiest, simplest tool to track your weekly budget and financial plans.

And with the newest version of Weekling you can stay on top of your budget using Apple Watch!

Use Weekling's interactive Apple Watch app to add and update your expenses, keep track of spending, and update your weekly targets. There's also a new Glance for you to quickly see how much money you've got left this week.

You can quickly manage your bills and expenses with Weekling’s great features:

• Lightning-fast insertion grid to add expenses easily
• Beautiful, minimalistic interface
• Set targets, and go back in time to see how well you've managed your money
• Preset and custom-defined expense amounts
• Easily edit, delete, and update your expenses and descriptions

Weekling can be used for:

• keeping a weekly budget
• a personal finance tracker
• a household budget
• a simple budget planner
• a way to plan your bills and weekly costs
• and a great way to save money
Matthew Palmer