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Weekend Planner

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Weekend Planner

This app wants to give a quick overview of the weekend dates of a year.

The calendars of the device are read out and then only the weekend dates are displayed in a list on the main page.

The individual calendar weeks are displayed in separate colors.

If there is no appointment on one of the weekend days (Friday, Saturday or Sunday), "free" is displayed.

The following can be set via the configuration page:
- the desired year
- the desired starting month
- the calendars of the device to be evaluated
- whether only free days, i.e. weekend days without appointments, should be displayed
- two colors, with which the dates of successive weeks are displayed alternately (for better viewing)
- whether appointments of the remaining weekdays (Monday - Thursday) should also be displayed.

Via the save page the current weekend dates can be saved in a text file (.txt, with field separator semicolon) to the Dropbox or iCloud for further processing of weekend appointments with Excel etc.

There is also a corresponding AppleWatch - App.
Michael Dieterle